Your Best Source Of Custom Iron on Patches

If you’re looking for high quality iron on patches that you can carry and display confidently, then look no further than We are your best one-stop site for all your custom patch needs. Here, you’ll be able to find great collections of patches and work with people whose knowledge and expertise are looked upon in the industry. We can customize patches to your exact specifications and will be happy to help you create patch designs that are perfect for your entire organization.

We’re all about embroidered and iron on patches here. We cater to businesses, sports teams, martial artists, scouts, campers, bikers, as well as to our dedicated men and women from the military, police departments, fire departments and security services. Our patches are great for uniforms, jackets, duffle bags and other uses. With high quality and unbeatable prices, our custom patches are definitely the one to beat.

1-2-3 Order Process

At, you can order your custom patches with no sweat. We can get started right away and make incredible patches that you and everyone in your organization will surely love.

We basically follow these three simple steps:

1. Submit Your Patch Design

PatchesSend us anything that is relevant to the design that you want. It may be pictures, artwork, or even drawings and sketches of your own hand. Submit your ideas through email and any PC format is acceptable.

2. Receive Digital Proof

Our talented team of artists will create and send you a free digital proof of the patch design. You can first view and approve this prior to ordering. If you’re not pleased with it, let us know and we’ll make revisions until you are fully satisfied with the design. Remember, we do not charge for revisions and definitely won’t reap any hidden fee from you.

3. Finished Product

After approval, we’ll send the proof to our manufacturing team and start making your custom patches according to your approved design. As soon as everything is completed and inspected, we will package your custom patches and ship them to the provided address.

More Patch Options

You’re not limited to traditional shapes and sizes. Here patches4less, make your embroidered and iron on patches look extraordinary by choosing from our range of custom shapes, sizes, border types, attachment options and thread colors. Just tell us what you need and we will handle it.

Patch Sizing

Iron On PatchesAvailable in any shape and size, our custom patches have been used by people from all organizations—businesses, sports, military, scouts and more. Our knowledge and experience in this industry have made us highly capable of fulfilling whatever your patch needs are.

It is fairly easy to determine the size of your iron on patches. Simply measure the width and length of your patch, add them, and then divide the sum by 2. The result is the size of your custom patches.

Patch Backing

For the backing, you can select from our choices of traditional sew-on, iron on, button loops and Velcro.

Here are the basic features of each to help you decide which one to choose.

• Tape Backing

Compared to other backings, tape backing is less permanent and can be easily removed. The versatility of tape backing is ideal if you need a quick selection for an outfit.

• Iron On Backing

Iron on backing allows for easy and quick attachment and all that is needed is an iron. To attach the patch to the garment, simply place the former over the latter then cover it using a thin, damp cloth to prevent it from burning. Place the iron on the patch for about 20 to 30 seconds until the patch is securely attached to the garment.

• Velcro Backing

With Velcro backing, you can easily and quickly remove your patch from your garment. This is a perfect choice if you need the ability to remove the patch frequently or if you use multiple patches.

• Button Loop

Button loops are your best option if your patch is intended to hang from a button or pin. You do not need to sew or glue anything, all that is needed is something to hang your custom patch from.

• Plastic Backing

We can also add a plastic backing to your custom patches. This extra backing supports and helps maintain the shape of your patch, even after frequent use. Plastic backing can be used in combination with iron on backing.

Patch Borders

Custom PatchesIf you want to go beyond the standard round edges, then get either hot cut edge or merrow border. Hot cut edge is excellent for patches with intricate, more detailed designs. This edge type makes the details of your embroidered or iron on patches more visible. Merrow border, on the other hand, is the standard in the patch industry. If you want your custom patches to look classic and elegant, then you need merrow border.

Can’t get enough of patches? Let us know what your thoughts are by contacting us today. Feel free to be in touch with us and one of our friendly customer service representatives will be glad to attend to your concerns.