How Should You Design Your Custom Lanyards?

Just as there are so many uses for custom lanyards, there are many different ways to design them. You wouldn’t think that an inch’s worth of fabric could have so many options, but there actually are!

Following Are The Many Uses For Custom Lanyards, There Are Many Different Ways To Design Them:

First of all, there’s the fabric of your lanyard. The most popular type for lanyards is polyester, but you also want to consider tubular lanyards (which are kind of like shoestrings), woven lanyards (for a more elegant style), nylon lanyards (professional-looking and shiny), and dye sub or dye sublimated custom lanyards (good for colorful designs). The fabric should be of good quality, so it looks well-finished and so it feels comfortable to wear around the neck. It shouldn’t make the wearer itchy; don’t sacrifice comfort for price!

Secondly, you need to decide on the color your custom lanyard is going to be. The base or background color is going to be the first thing people notice, so it’s important to make sure it works with the rest of your design. Depending on what you need the custom lanyards for, you might want to base this on your school/company colors, your favorite color, or your event’s color scheme and motif.

Without getting too ahead of yourself, it’s vital here to think about what color you want your text (if any) and art (if any) to be. Don’t choose colors that will clash together, like red and pink! Not only will that combination look tacky, but it will also make your design difficult to see, and may just end up giving people a headache. Try color combinations that have some contrast, like light pink with dark green, or light tan with navy blue.

Custom LanyardsThird, it’s important to think about what text or art you’re going to use. If you’re going to put words on your custom lanyards, make sure you don’t use too many; otherwise, the font will be too small to read. Decide whether you want one block of text, or a repeating block around the lanyard. The size of your text will have to be changed accordingly. If you go with one block, it has to be big enough to catch attention; if it’s repeated, a smaller size is probably better. This is where you put your school or company name, or something about your special event or occasion. For birthday parties, for example, a popular option is something like “JOHN @ 3”… Since this is a customized lanyard, take advantage of the freedom you have and get creative!

While a lanyard with only text can look very elegant, adding a logo or a piece of art can make it look even better. This is especially true for school or brand identification – you can use a picture of a school/team mascot, or a company’s logo. With the freedom in making a custom lanyard, you can even put your daughter’s picture! Try to use a good resolution for any image (300 dpi is more than enough) for better image quality. Some lanyard printing companies actually offer free art design, so take advantage of deals like this!

After designing the look of the lanyard itself, you can now think about accessories. What’s going to be attached the lanyard, your keys or your I.D. card? Some companies offer these attachments for free, but you can usually add a little extra for a specific attachment. Bulldog clips are best for I.D. cards, while key rings are best for, of course, keys. Swivel J Hooks and Thumb Triggers are more versatile, and can hold a variety of things. Some companies also offer cell phone loops, oval hooks, no swivel hooks. Since you’re customizing it yourself, you have the freedom to go wild and pick whatever attachments you like!

For extra accessorizing, you can add safety breakaways, buckle releases, adjustment beads, etc. Some companies also offer badge or I.D. holders, which areisto design them. You wouldn’t think that an inch’s worth of fabric could have so many options, bu convenient.

These are all the usual options you need to consider when designing your own custom lanyard.

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Custom lanyards is used to protect identification cards and extend their usability for a long time. Lanyard types is a useful item that many people have fallen in love with because of its benefits.