Custom Baseball Pins: An Exercise in Creative Thinking

Creating custom baseball pins is an exercise in creative thinking. This article will discuss some characteristics of creative thinking and how they relate to customizing baseball pins.

Generate Novel Ideas

Creative thinkers can come up with many new ideas. When creating your pins, you’ll get ideas for their designs and how you’ll implement those. You need to come up with new alternatives and themes for creating them. You don’t want your pins to look like copycats or remakes of stock trading pins, do you?

However, idea generation is only a single step in the process. Like Thomas Edison said, “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”  You can’t simply make ideas and end it there. You need to take action. Creative thinking involves testing your hypotheses and seeing whether they are practical for your end goals or not. You also have to hone them to the best efficacy as possible. Making custom baseball pins does just that. Once you latch onto an idea, you test different methods for making it happen, and polish the best one.

Being Goal-Oriented

pinBeing a creative thinker is being goal-oriented.  Such is the case in making custom baseball pins. You know exactly how you want your pins to come out. You visualize it continually and do what you can to achieve it. You think about what your goal would look like if it were a reality today. And the more you think about it, the more you want it done, and the faster you work to achieve it.


Creative thinkers should always be ready to experiment and try something new. You shouldn’t just settle on what you already know and are comfortable with; sometimes have to try new approaches. The same is true with pin making. You need to try out different styles, colors, and approaches to achieve the best product. Perhaps you could even create a new type of pin or accessory based on your experiments!

Combination and Synthesis

Creative thinkers can bring together information from different disciplines and use them in another context. As stated earlier, the creation of custom baseball pins requires the ability to combine the seemingly unconnected ideas of aesthetics and baseball knowledge. How could you present teams and competitions on pins? And how could you make these pleasing to the eye without sacrificing detail? These are some serious considerations in pin making.


Pins, however, are small and cannot contain too many details. Including too many of these would just be useless as they wouldn’t be seen, or they would be too blurred in the final product. Worst case scenario is where everything would smudge together and create an incoherent mess. Therefore, you need to practice creative thinking on how you could simplify your design and ideas to suit your art medium.

Patience, Persistence, and Humility

You won’t always get your ideal product the first time you create it. Sometimes, it doesn’t come out the way you imagined it. Other times, putting your ideas into action may seem impossible. In both these cases, you shouldn’t give up. You need to try again. Maybe you need to repeat the entire process, cut down on the details, or think of another way to tackle the problem. However, you must also learn to recognize when you are wrong, and accept it.

Intrinsic Motivation

Creative enterprises aren’t always sunshine and happiness. There are times when things will look bleak and dreary, even for something as seemingly simple as creating custom baseball pins. However, you need learn to be motivated by the enjoyment of the activity itself or anticipation of the final product rather than rely on external reinforcement.

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