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If you’re looking for high quality iron on patches that you can carry and display confidently, then look no further than We are your best one-stop site for all your custom patch needs. Here, you’ll be able to find great collections of patches and work with people whose knowledge and expertise are looked upon in the industry. We can customize patches to your exact specifications and will be happy to help you create patch designs that are perfect for your entire organization. We’re all about embroidered and iron on patches here. We cater to… Read Article →

Just as there are so many uses for custom lanyards, there are many different ways to design them. You wouldn’t think that an inch’s worth of fabric could have so many options, but there actually are! Following Are The Many Uses For Custom Lanyards, There Are Many Different Ways To Design Them: First of all, there’s the fabric of your lanyard. The most popular type for lanyards is polyester, but you also want to consider tubular lanyards (which are kind of like shoestrings), woven lanyards (for a more elegant style), nylon lanyards (professional-looking and shiny),… Read Article →

Creating custom baseball pins is an exercise in creative thinking. This article will discuss some characteristics of creative thinking and how they relate to customizing baseball pins. Generate Novel Ideas Creative thinkers can come up with many new ideas. When creating your pins, you’ll get ideas for their designs and how you’ll implement those. You need to come up with new alternatives and themes for creating them. You don’t want your pins to look like copycats or remakes of stock trading pins, do you? However, idea generation is only a single step in the process…. Read Article →

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