A Buyer’s Guide On Buying The Best Golf Putters

Among all the clubs that one uses for the game of golf, the golf putters can be considered the most important clubs, that is, in relation to scoring. Why? They can mean a win or a fail for a player. Therefore, when buying your putters, do not just settle on any kind of putters. Be wise and follow this buying guide, so that you will have the best putter for you. After all, it is your score that will be affected in the process.

What are the factors that you should consider?

1. Length of the golf putters

Golf ClubsConsidered as the most vital component, make this your priority concern when buying putters. Why? The length of the putters would get you into the correct address position. What is the correct length? The shaft should be in line with your forearms, not too short or too long.

2. Weight of the golf putters

The swing weight is also an important aspect of consideration. This could be remedied by buying a putter that has the ideal weight. What is the recommended weight? The head weight of a 35” putter usually weighs around 330 grams. If you need a 32” or 33” putter, the ideal head weight that you need to find is at 370 to 380 grams. Still, weight is a personal preference. Some players prefer the lightweight while others perform better with heavier weight.

3. The balance point – What is this?

This will affect your choice of stroke. Meaning, if what you want or need is a square-to-square stroke (a stroke that is straight back and through), then what you need is a face-balanced putter. However, if you want an arc stroke (a slight curve travel by the stroke), then what you need is a toe balanced putter.

4. The design of the head

Golf PuttersOne can choose from the numerous shapes and sizes of golf putters. So, which is which? This will be more of your preference and not anything else. Is your preference a mallet head or a blade head? That is entirely up to you. Your kind of strokes could also help you decide in this area. For instance, if you like an arc stroke, then the blade putter with no sight line is for you.

5. Anchor of the putter: your belly or chest

Tremors or “yips” are common among golfers. This is not a problem because one can solve these tremors by anchoring the putter either in the belly or chest to stabilize it during a stroke. Again, what is vital here is the height and weight of the putter. To make it easier, find the perfect length and weight for you first and then add the additional length of the chest or belly. If you do not have yips, then you can just consider the conventional putter.

6. Price

Of course, you want value for you money. However, you are aware that this game is considered as an expensive hobby and so, you also expect a costly putter. Therefore, you would sometimes doubt a low-cost putter that feels right when you hold it because of its price. The real score is this: it is not always about the price. One can have golf putters that are of good quality yet are also reasonably priced.


The challenge during the moment that you are purchasing is the great variety of putters to choose from. There is only remedy to this. Try them all. You are after the “feel” of the putter. You would know that it is the one for you when it fits like a glove or, more appropriately, when the putter feels right.

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