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We make custom tokens every day. We understand the importance of the tokens that they will play in the life of the recipient so make sure that we only make exceptionally high quality tokens. When we create customized tokens, particularly custom military coins, we always keep in mind the work and dedication that comes behind them. Our team make it a point to offer the same amount of dedication in creating custom coins. A military coin becomes a respected token because of the value that it represents. We always say that every custom military token… Read Article →

In events such as sales presentations and corporate events, the most important objectives to aim for include getting the attention of people, and making them focus on one important message. Emphasizing on a single important message in any event you organize, regardless if it is in a graduation ceremony, retreat, banquet, or corporate event, is as significant to the people who will be attending as it is to you. Not everyone has the gift of shaping concepts and messages into a tool which helps listeners realize the message being conveyed. Regardless if you have the… Read Article →

Just as there are so many uses for custom lanyards, there are many different ways to design them. You wouldn’t think that an inch’s worth of fabric could have so many options, but there actually are! Following Are The Many Uses For Custom Lanyards, There Are Many Different Ways To Design Them: First of all, there’s the fabric of your lanyard. The most popular type for lanyards is polyester, but you also want to consider tubular lanyards (which are kind of like shoestrings), woven lanyards (for a more elegant style), nylon lanyards (professional-looking and shiny),… Read Article →

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